Teenage Assistant Counselors

022_2015 jr staffOur counselors are young people who have a special interest in science, art, and/or working with children. Some have been volunteers in our DaVinci Experience After School programs. We are pleased that the following counselors are returning this summer:

Elise Young is returning to the Cousins Island site. She was a camper on Cousins Island for years before joining our staff and becoming a lifeguard. She is a graduate of Greeley High School. Elise is a going to be a senior at USM this fall.

David Seavey and John Madeira are also lifeguards/counselors at our Cousins Island site. John is a student at Greeley High School. David is a 2007 graduate of Greeley High School and attended UMO and is interested in biology.

Falmouth High School students, Tess Wrobleski, Nate Riouxand Connor Scannellare all returning to the Falmouth camp site this summer. Elyse Rioux (8th summer),Jacob, Leighton (Freeport High School-4nd summer), Jonathan Ofiara,(Scarborough High School-3rd summer) and Misty Przybyl (3rd summer- Deering High School) and Connor (2nd yr.) are all former DaVinci campers. Elyse is also an EMT’s for Falmouth Rescue and attends University of Mary Washington in the pre-med program.

Lindsey Dubois , a Yarmouth High School student, will be returning for her 3rd summer at Cousins Island and Falmouth. We are still in the process of assembling our team for this summer, but are pleased that the majority of our staff from last year are returning.

****If you did not see your favorite teacher’s or counselor’s name from last year, it does not necessarily mean they aren’t returning.  It just means they have not finalized their summer schedule with the director yet.